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Puppets from A-Z

Color. Cut. Glue. Color. Cut. Glue. As a kindergarten teacher, how many times do you say those words through the year? Or even throughout one day? One time I never had to repeat those directions was when we made puppets. In fact, after we made a few puppets, I didn’t have to give the kids directions at all.


One of my students’ favorite alphabet activities was creating a puppet for each letter. I on the other hand, had a hard time putting these puppets into the plans. They were great at the beginning of the year… practice coloring, cutting, and gluing. Fantastic fine motor practice. However as the year progresses and the students’ skills progress, I didn’t see a lot of value in the activity.

My other pet peeve about these puppets was they rarely made sense. I mean when do you ever see a talking umbrella? I didn’t have much time during the school year to think about how to improve the activity, but summer is the perfect time to reflect!

I managed to find a type of person for every letter of the alphabet.

Puppet List

My initial thought while creating these puppets was that there needed to be something meaningful for the students to do in combination with them. One thing that my students could always use a little practice with was their handwriting. For each puppet, I created a quick handwriting sheet to practice writing both upper- and lower-case letters.

D is for doctor.Right-click on the image to save this freebie!

I would have my students complete the handwriting page correctly before they would get the opportunity to make the puppet. Each puppet has two pages – a top page with the head and a bottom page with the body. Each puppet page is labeled in case they get separated.

doctor puppet

You can grab all 26 puppets and their coordinating handwriting page for $12.50 in my TpT store. That is only $0.50 a puppet!

Alphabet Puppets Cover