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Worksheet Free Wednesday!

Worksheet Free Wed

As our society becomes more dependent on technology, there is a definite push to use more tech-related materials in our classrooms. There are countless points as to why this is important for our students… however we need to make sure that we are not deviating too far from the tried and true practice of teaching!

My district required this past school year that Wednesdays be “worksheet-free”. My students looked forward to Wednesdays because we spent a lot of time watching videos, doing experiments, learning outside, etc.

I’m challenging myself [and you!] to use the worksheet-free Wednesday mentality! On future Wednesday posts, I will be sharing various activities or resources that you can use to facilitate your new Wednesday motto!


I actually saw this fun activity on an improv show called Riot. Basically you can give your students letters to make or words to spell out using only their bodies. For an added challenge, you can require this be a silent activity! This could be done as a whole class or even in centers. If you wanted the students to do the activity in small groups, have them snap a picture of their letter formations for the class to guess later!