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Remembering Neil Armstrong…

Neil Armstrong is without a doubt one of America’s most well known heroes. Apparently though, some people were unaware that he passed away last August. The twitter and Facebook worlds were full of memorial posts for the passing of Armstrong today. Supposedly someone posted a video for the anniversary of Armstrong’s death (8/25/2012), but forgotten to mention that he had passed last year and not now.
Regardless of when he died, he is still and will always be remembered as the first man to step foot on the moon and utter the unforgettable phrase “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
We’ve created a space mini-unit that has a little focus on Mr. Armstrong. It seems like you can find a lot of information on the man, but not many teaching resources. In our mini-unit you’ll find a bio page on Neil Armstrong as well as a short reading passage with questions. We’ve also included two posters with quotes from Armstrong – which you can actually grab for free today by clicking on the quote above.
The rest of the space mini-unit focuses on planets and moon phases. Stop by our store to check it out!


Freebies and Announcements!

There are probably hundreds of freebies uploaded to Teachers Pay Teachers every day. We wanted to share some of the latest and greatest free items we’ve found lately!

Spin an Addend – this a quick and cute worksheet activity… all you need is a paperclip and a pencil!

World Map Puzzle – super cute map of the world and a blank puzzle template! Ashley intended the pages to be used together, but you could use the blank puzzle for so many things.

Independent Reading Logs – these are amazing and detailed reading logs!

Behavior Clip Chart with Idioms – super cute way to display and monitor behavior

Fishing with Addition File Folder Game – quick and easy, not to mention adorable addition game

We can’t guarantee these will stay free forever, so stop by and check them out if you get a chance. Don’t forget feedback is always appreciated!

Now on to our annoucements….

First we are celebrating our amazing followers with a huge giveaway starting tomorrow! Come back on the 12th to check out all the awesome prizes and enter for a chance to win. You definitely do not want to miss this!!

Our next big announcement… the July Facebook Frenzy! If you stopped by our Facebook page last month you had a chance to scoop up over a dozen free items. The Frenzy will be back again this month starting on the 19th and it is even bigger and better this time!

June Facebook Frenzy

Happy Saturday!

We’ve started something new on our Facebook page (so if you are not a fan, you should definitely go check it out). Each month we will be hosting a Facebook hop called “Facebook Frenzy”. You have four days to make it through the hop and pick up some fantastic freebies.

We teamed up with thirteen teacher-authors from Teachers Pay Teachers and you do not want to miss this!

Stop by and let us know what you think of our new freebie!

Happy Tuesday!

This is going to be short and sweet.

We’ve uploaded a quick freebie today that anyone can use! Often times substitutes don’t know what kind of notes to leave or simply forget. Check out the latest item in our TPT store – this simple two page (print two-sided) guides substitutes to leave important details about how the day went.

What has your experience with subs been like in the past? Do you have a favorite new substitute this year?

Guest Blogging…

We are guest blogging over at HoJo’s Teaching Adventures today. Stop by HoJo’s blog to read our thoughts on Veterans Day, learn more about our Veterans Day packet, and grab a freebie!

Have a terrific Tuesday 🙂

Currently & Catching Up

We’re linking up for the November Currently today!

We’ve been neglecting the blog again but we’re working on some great new items for the store. We’ve spent the last two weeks working and re-working our Veterans Day Unit. It is finally done (for the this year at least)! If you’ve purchased this from us in the past, be sure you download the newest version. We just added a new reader today. You’ll hear more about the contents of the unit in a few days when we guest blog for a fellow TpTer!

There are also some new math resources in our store and we’re putting the finishing touches on another update to our Thanksgiving Literacy Activities. We’ll be adding the last book to the unit – A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting – in the next few days, so you might want to snatch the unit as is before the price goes up a little.

We also wanted to let you in on a very special offer!!! For the month of November only, we will be making some custom requests for free! If you let us know through the comments section or by emailing us at, we might choose your request to create and send it to you for free just for letting us know that you want it!

We’ll be back on Monday for another Q&A, see you then!

First Grade Parade

We are big fans of Cara Carroll over here at Creation Castle. If you don’t know her name, maybe you know her blog

The First Grade Parade

She does have over 5,000 followers! And that is well deserved. Cara has an awesome store on TpT with great products, but she also has a wonderful personality that shines through on her blog.

Her latest post, talked about making her heart smile. She uses the phrase “You’re knockin’ my socks off!” and created a management tool to go along with that. You can check out the post here.

Ms. Carroll also has the #1 rated freebie on TpT. Stop by and download her FREE Schedule Cards. You won’t be sorry you did. If you are looking for a more generic form of schedule cards (with pictures) this is what you need. (Sample below). The PDF is over 40 pages, so you should be able to find any schedule cards that you need.


Stop by her store to check out some great, fairly priced units!

Gearing up with Gooney!

As you prepare for the upcoming week, we’d like you to check out the latest edition to our store.

We had so much fun creating this book unit. Lois Lowry makes the classroom so fun! In each chapter of Gooney Bird Is So Absurd, Mrs. Pidgeon begins each morning with a poem. If your students are stuck in believing poetry is booooring (like Principal Leroy) this is a great way to get them excited about rhythm and rhyme! 
In our new unit, you will find chapter questions (complete with answer keys)…

A summary page…
Vocabulary cards…
Some fun extension activities…

And a poetry section…

We’ve included poetry covered in the story (short poems, a haiku, couplets, limericks, and list poems) and a few extras for fun (cinquain, wishing poem, and autobiographical poem)!
Our exclusive freebie this Sunday is an extra from this unit. Lois Lowry describes some outlandish outfits in every Gooney Bird Greene book. This simple page gives students the chance to illustrate the outfit and give it a silly name.
Stop by our store today to grab our first Gooney Bird book unit for 15% off! Be sure to follow our Teachers pay Teachers store to be the first to know when our next unit is ready!

Sunday Sales – Everything Autumn!

The air is getting cooler the leaves are starting to fall autumn is just around the corner! Over here at Creation Castle we are ready for fall! We’ve been working on a huge autumn unit that we’d like to give you a sneak preview of.

This autumn unit is focused on pumpkins. In the final product there will be activities for seven fiction books, three non-fiction books, science experiments, math centers and more! We’re really excited about this unit and can’t wait to finish it.

Since we’re giving you a sneak peek at the unit, we have placed our Fall Patterns {AB, ABC, & ABB} on sale for 15% off for today only! Come check it out!

As promised, we have an exclusive freebie for our blog followers. This week, we’ve uploaded a quick activity for September 11th. Click on the picture below to access the file.

After talking about the events that happened on September 11, 2001, have students write a poem or draw a picture about what happened that day or how they feel about what happened. These sheets can be used as an independent activity, or you can cut out the squares and create a quilt with the students work to make a bulletin board.

Don’t forget to stop by our store and pick up your discounted Fall Patterns!