Sharpen Memory Skills

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You know those moments in the day where you have just enough time for students to go crazy but not enough time to actually work on something? One of my students’ favorite things to do during those moments is to play a memory game. We sit in a circle on the carpet and I name a topic. Their absolute favorite was food… they were always hungry! Sometimes the topic is more specific, such as fruits or animals that live in the woods. The tricky part of the game is that everyone has to remember what all the people before them said.


1. No talking unless it is your turn

2. Stay in your spot

3. Do not give hints to other people (unless teacher says it is okay)

4. When it is your turn, start with the first person from the game (usually the teacher) and go around the circle naming everyone’s item. When you have named all the items before you, add your own item to the list.

sharpen memory skills

Here is an example of how the game works:

Ms. S: pancakes

O: pancakes, strawberries

X: pancakes, strawberries, yogurt

….we would continue going around the circle listening carefully to our classmates and strengthening our memory skills. Of course sometimes someone would say something that was “hilarious”… one of our friends ALWAYS said ramen noodles. And every time the class would burst out laughing.

What activities to you use as time fillers?


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