It’s Here!: Classroom Job System

We know we’ve been teasing you with information about this resource for days now. We definitely needed that pressure from you wanting to see the completed product to push us to finish it. The display pieces have been ready for weeks, but writing our teacher guide was a task we set aside because it wasn’t as fun to make!

The basics on our system… We’ve seen many teachers implement jobs in their classroom, but students were not getting anything out of them. They would do their jobs while dragging their feet or brag about being the messenger for the week. When we took a step back and really looked at the potential of classroom jobs we realized that these jobs should be about more than just getting tasks done.

Using jobs in your classroom gives you a chance to create a working community that values responsibility, teamwork, pride in work, understanding, and so much more! Our job system requires you approach students with their jobs by showing them the value and importance of each person’s role. In one word, our classroom job system is about community.

Our teacher’s guide is eleven pages long, but it is a quick read! We’ve included a little background information on why we believe in our system, how to introduce the system to your students, a few ideas such as using applications and performance reviews, and more! 
We have included over 30 jobs cards! There are two files included for the job cards, because while we adore our titles, you may have different titles in mind or already in place in your classroom.

One unique part of our job system is including a manual for students. This manual tells students the description and responsibilities of each job. We’ve also included an editable file in case your job duties do not match ours.

How is this system beneficial to the teacher?
By assigning every student a job, you are automatically making your day a little easier. After students understand each job and its duties, there will be twenty little things (like passing out papers or alphabetizing) that you will not have to worry about. This system also helps create bonds in your classroom that will lead to a strong community.

How is this system beneficial to the students?
With our system, every student has a job. This shows the students that they are all important parts of your classroom community. If they did not wipe down the desks, someone will end up with sticky fingers. If they did not take care of the books in the library, it would be difficult for anyone to find what they are looking for.
This system instills a sense of responsibility and importance in each student. Your students will feel more ownership towards the classroom and in turn with take pride in keeping a fun and clean environment.

 This resource is full of goodies and we already want to add more! A few things we plan on adding are…
*Letter to Parents
*Classroom Helpers Manual with Salary Included
*Classroom Helpers Manual Mini-Book
*Specific Performance Reviews (job description included, checklist with duties, fun graphic etc.)
*More choices in Classroom Applications and Warning Write-Ups
You may be thinking… If you’re adding that much why are you posting the resource now?

We love and appreciate all of you! It has been our goal to have a fully functioning system ready for you to buy BEFORE the back to school sale. We want you to save that 28% when purchasing this product. We can’t wait to hear your ideas and suggestions to add to this resource. Like any of our other resources, we will constantly be revising and updating this file.

So, yes this resource will be bigger and better soon, but it also is ready to use as is! By purchasing the Classroom Job System this weekend, you will be saving money during the sale, but it will also be at a lower price because we haven’t added in all those extras yet. Grab it now and download the updates in a few weeks for free!


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