Starting Over in Spring

It is hard to believe that April is already here – this year is flying by! We have been seriously lacking in the blogging (and creating) department the past few months. Here at Creation Castle, we’ve resolved to start over with spring!

We’re excited about the upcoming plans we have for this month. Just to give you an idea… we’re planning a giveaway, linky party, freebies, and more!

Lately over at the castle, we’ve been investing a lot of our time with The Magic School Bus. Nearly every child loves The Friz! Who can resist her magic ability to turn any science lesson into fun? One thing we noticed was that students love to watch these videos (and they actually DO watch them) but sometimes they don’t pick up on the important pieces of information. We know a lot of teachers that simply tell their students “take notes”, but a lot of kiddos haven’t fully grasped that note taking ability yet and need a little guidance…

So of course, we couldn’t resist making fun and interactive note taking sheets for students. On top of that, we’ve found one fun thing from each video to create an extension activity students can complete to further their learning on the topic at hand.

Luckily, we have all 52 episodes on DVD. (There are occasional sales on Amazon for the complete series – watch for the sales and snag up these great videos!) Since we plan on covering all the videos we’ve simply started at the beginning and we are working our way through the series. We’ve got the first seven videos done, plus the video for weather because that happened to tie into a lesson we did in class.

Throughout the month, we will be adding more to this resource. Each Monday, we will update the item in our TPT store. We’ve decided to sell these resources as a bundled deal only. This means that once you purchase the item, you will be able to re-download the product to get any updates we make to it!

Included so far…
“Gets Lost in Space” – The Solar System
“For Lunch” – Digestion
“Inside Ralphie” – Germs
“Gets Eaten” – The Food Chain
“Hops Home” – Habitat
“Meets the Rot Squad” – Decomposition
“All Dried Up” – Desert Adaptation
“Kicks Up a Storm” – Weather

We’re really excited about this resource and hope you are too! If you know you will be watching a particular video with your class and would like us to cover it for the next update (which will be on April 8th), just leave a comment below telling us the topic or video title and we will do our best to get up for the update!

Have an incredible week! (We hope your students didn’t pull any pranks on you!)


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  1. My kids love The Friz! Great science series. I'm your newest follower:)

    Science for Kids Blog

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