Introducing… The Happy Teacher!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Liz from The Happy Teacher this week and would love to share what we learned with you!

Liz has five years teaching experience – every minute of that being in the primary grades and she loves it! Liz, like many teachers, enjoys teaching because she enjoys kids. That light bulb moment… the excitement of learning something new or finally grasp a concept… the joy of doing a science project or creating art. Liz’s description is perfect, “The children bring so much happiness to my life, and they are the reason I love to teach!” (One thing Liz would like to change about teaching  is less paperwork and more planning time for teachers – that one is pretty universal!)

When asked what her favorite book to teach with was, Liz gave us her insights on Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester.

I look forward to teaching this story every January!  I love to read the story using a variety of voices and sounds.  {The kids just think it’s hilarious!!}  I incorporate a lot of Thinking Maps with this book.  Honestly, I can teach SO MANY skills, concepts, and important lessons with this one book.  If you haven’t read it, you must check it out!

Liz’s store has 32 items currently, but her favorite item she has created is her Ten Frame Task Cards. As Liz sees ten frames as a powerful learning tool, whether you are teaching addition or subtraction, she wanted a product that was fun, kid-friends, and that could be used easily in her math stations or small groups. This useful tool is only $2.25 and has great reviews!

This is a very special time for Liz and her husband. They are expecting their first child in April 2013! {Congratulations!} She is just now starting to “show” and Liz is super excited. So naturally, when we asked her what three questions she wanted to know the answers to, she provided the following –

1. Are we having a boy or a girl?
2. Will baby come early, on time, or late?
3. Why am I so hungry ALL the time?

Next, we’d like to familiarize a great new product in Liz’s store… her Problem Solving Task Cards!

Liz was kind enough to let us have a sneak peak at this item. It covers the following math areas

  • Number Sense – counting, skip counting, counting backwards
  • Patterns – AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, AABB, ABCD
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Place Value

For each mathematical area there are 16 task cards, creating 64 total. Each set is color and shape coded. This will help the students easily keep the task cards separated. The only the set that must be printed in color is the patterning set, but if you print these once and laminate them for durability, printing in color would definitely be the way to go! She has also included recording sheets and answer keys for each set. If you are looking for a great independent work center or a new way to present a “problem of the day”, definitely check out this great item from The Happy Teacher! Liz also includes “Notes to the Teacher” and “Suggestions” at the end of the product.

Now for you visual learners…


Thank you, Liz! We loved getting to know you and your products better! Stop by Liz’s blog if you get a chance.


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  1. Thanks for a great feature!! 🙂

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