How Often Do You Blog?

 Q: How often should I blog and what should I talk about?
A: There is no set amount! You should blog when you feel compelled to and about topics you find interesting. If you are forcing yourself to blog, the content you will be producing will not reflect you. Grasping at straws to come up with topics that you feel other people will be interested in won’t help you or your readers. 
If you are just getting started, we suggest you create a blog schedule. Sit down and plan out about two weeks at a time. Think about topics that are current and relevant to YOU! If you find your topic interesting, it will reflect in your writing, and that in turn will give you more readers. Choose a few days a week, or just one – whatever you are comfortable with. This schedule is not set in stone, so you can easily adjust how often you post based on your experience. 
Do keep in mind, however, that you are not writing for just yourself. You aren’t writing for your friends and family (although you will make great friends though blogging!) so don’t limit yourself to just writing about your personal life. Many people do this, but it is less likely you will reach as many people this way. You want to make your blog more universal – something that anyone can gain knowledge from.
For instance, this is an education blog, but anyone can use this Q&A post when starting a blog. We do mainly blog about education here, but we don’t focus on Kindergarten science topics. We like to keep our posts diverse and fresh to reach more educators. 
Our thoughts on writing a blog are clearly just an opinion. We are not experts here at Creation Castle! We’re curious… how often do you blog? Do you have schedule? What sets your blog apart from others?

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