Creating a Collaborative Board on Pinterest

Ever since we posted a free list of collaborative boards in our TpT store, we’ve gotten a ton of questions about how these things work. For Q&A Monday, we’ll be answering the following question.

Q: How do you create a collaborative board on Pinterest?

A: Check out these few simple steps ~ We are going through the process of creating a new board to show you, but you can do this with existing boards as well, just skip to Step 6

1. Go to (at this point you can look at your boards or dive right in)

2. Click the “Add +” Button

3. Choose “Create a Board”

4. Edit your board details. Be sure to choose an appropriate title and the correct category your board should be placed under.

5. At this point, you can add more collaborators to your board. Note the area that says “Who can pin?”… this is where you can invite others to pin on your board. It is crucial that you are following at least one board of the person you are trying to invite. Otherwise it won’t work! We are using our friend Richi as an example. We simple began to type in her name and her picture popped up. Once we click on her name, she is automatically sent an invitation to pin with us on our new board.

6. Once you are finished editing your board details, simply click “Create Board” and you will be taken to the following page. To change any details, click in “Edit Board”.

7. You will be able to change the name of the board, description of the board, board category, and those who are allowed to pin to the board. Our board shows that we can pin, as well as Richi. However since she has not accepted our invitation yet it shows her name in grey rather than black.

If you have any questions about this, or a question you would like to see in a future Q&A post, please leave a comment below. If you would also like to be added to our “Winter Wonderland” board, please leave your Pinterest URL in the comments.


Posted on October 22, 2012, in Pinterest, Q and A. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I would love to be added to your winter wonderland board.

  2. Thanks so much for the collaborative board info! Please add me to the Winter Wonderland board!
    Thanks again, Barb

  3. No problem 🙂

    You've been added!

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