Meet Taking a Walk on the Teaching Side!

We’ve got another awesome teacher-author to share with you this week. Kristin is the lovely lady behind Taking a Walk on the Teaching Side. She is all about family and friends down in Georgia. Kristin loves sketching, nature, cupcakes, travel, and exercise. Due to the job market, she is currently a substitute and tutor, but she is very antsy to get back into her own classroom. Much of her family are teachers (even her husband) and she was previously a Title I teacher in Atlanta.

Kristin knew from a young age that she probably wanted to be a teacher. She grew up around educators – her grandma, grandpa, and mom. Through the years she witnessed how important education was and placed a lot of value on her own education. However, she did not officially decide to become a teacher until she began college.

Kristin enjoys many things about teaching. She likes working with the students and seeing their transformations from the beginning to the end of the year. She also loves the fact that teaching is never boring or monotonous – things change from to day to day and you never know what to expect. Even though it can be stressful, like many, Kristin believes the rewards outweigh the negatives. Kristin found it hard to choose just one thing she enjoys most about teaching, but she really likes the creative aspect.

Being creative is what has led her to Teachers Pay Teachers. Kristin has a great store with 98 products! Her favorite item she has created is Dee Dee the Dodo Book. This is an original book she wrote and illustrated in a college class. She now sells this as a supplement for extinction lessons. Not only does she love the story, but so do students. The story helps them learn about extinction and the effects humans can have on the environment.

Excerpt from Dee Dee the Dodo Book

Kristin shared her Common Core Writing Prompts with us this week. She created these prompts because she wanted to give teachers a way to provide their students with fun and engaging writing ideas that were aligned with the Common Core. The fun shape comes for Kristin’s experience in making cupcake toppers. These cute informational, narrative, opinion, and creative prompts can easily be glued to Popsicle sticks.

We previewed a set of 40 prompts. Kristin has three small sets like this in her store and also a bundled set with all the writing prompts. Our set came with 10 prompts for each category (informational, narrative, opinion, and creative).

Each prompt looks something like this. The prompt types are color coded and also state what type of prompt it is at the top (beneath the ladybug). Some prompts are silly, like creating your own ice cream flavor. Other prompts, like the one pictured above have real life implications.


One of our favorites was this oneit will really get your students thinking. Plus, anyone can write about this who attends school. Everyone will have differing opinions and the background knowledge to go along side of them.

And… just for fun, we asked Kristin if she could be any fairy tale character, who would she be and why?

Alice in Wonderland. I had an Alice dress when I was a kid and would watch the Alice Through the Looking Glass 1980s movie version just about every day. Wonderland is just so whimsical!

Be sure to stop by Kristin’s store and blog for some great resources! She is even having a sale today!

Don’t forget to stop by the giveaway, you’ve only got two days left to enter!


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