Fun Newspaper Generator

Our friends over at Teaching & Learning Collaborative shared a fun website on their Facebook page, and we couldn’t wait to show you! This is a Newspaper Clipping Image Generator…. rather than tell you about it, we’ve made up a quick sample for you.

How awesome is that?! As the newspaper says, you’ve got a few more days to enter in our giveaway. Click on the picture below to enter.


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  1. Local Woman is a Runner

    Local resident Karen MvVey is a runner. Woodstock is abuzz lately with reports of her running all over town. We caught up with her at The Runners Depot to ask a few questions. When asked what she was up to today she replied “shopping for running stuff..duh”.

    Karen's routine consists of getting up early to run and think about running after running. She likes arranging her running supplements, Gu packs, Sport Beans and keeping her running gear clean and well maintained.

    Her runs take to some of the more dangerous local runs like “Satan's Ass and “jesus Hill”. Two places that she enjoys running. When asked where she was headed next she replied “running home”. There have been numerous reports of Karen “throwing the deuce” to drivers as they pass her on the roadways. Woodstock's Karen McVey is a runner and wants everyone to just “get it”.

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