Are they worth the time and effort?

We’ve got a question for all our lovely readers today. Many of our teacher friends participated in Tara’s “Monday Made It” over at 4th Grade Frolics during the summer and we are curious… how many of you have created crate seats?
There are quite a few versions floating around Pinterest. Here are a few that we have found.
The regular crate seats…
A crate bench…
And gallon seats… a little twist on the idea.

Have you created crate seats for your class?

We love the cute patterns and colors you can add to your classroom, while providing extra seating for your kiddos. Have you found that your seats last long enough to justify making them? 
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  1. I LOVE mine! I made 7 or 8 and and it didn't take too long to be honest. But, it has been well worth it. Not only do my kids love sitting on the “special seats”, it's provided me with so much more storage! 🙂

    First Grade Fairytales

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