The Next Big Thing?

We recently read an article Rural Arkansas Town Rethinks High School that got us thinking. This article talks about a public high school that has changed the way high school operates. Instead of embedding career choices into regular curriculum, they have reworked the structure of their school. They now have “academies” that the students can choose from. The school has programs for healthcare, engineering, and communications. Basically, they are offering students a chance to be a part of the field they think they are interested in.

This is giving students a more rigorous academic experience and allowing them to be more aware of certain job fields. Students are not “stuck” with one program. If they feel healthcare is not the right fit for them, they are able to choose between the other two programs. After four years, if they find that they enjoy these fields but it is not something they want to pursue, they have just saved themselves or their families thousands of dollars of trying them out in college.

Take a look at the article to see what kind of activities the students get to experience on a day to day basis.

Was your high school experience similar to this? Our high school provided no career guidance whatsoever. What a great opportunity these students have!

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  1. My school has been doing this for 5 years now. We call it smaller learning communities. Each community still has the major subjects but there are different electives in each community. I'm in the business institute and we have classes on web design, entrepreneurship, etc. There's also environmental science, health and sports, media communications, newcomers (for ESL kids), law, and jumpstart (9th graders). At the end of the 9th grade the students pick their academy.

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