First Grade Parade

We are big fans of Cara Carroll over here at Creation Castle. If you don’t know her name, maybe you know her blog

The First Grade Parade

She does have over 5,000 followers! And that is well deserved. Cara has an awesome store on TpT with great products, but she also has a wonderful personality that shines through on her blog.

Her latest post, talked about making her heart smile. She uses the phrase “You’re knockin’ my socks off!” and created a management tool to go along with that. You can check out the post here.

Ms. Carroll also has the #1 rated freebie on TpT. Stop by and download her FREE Schedule Cards. You won’t be sorry you did. If you are looking for a more generic form of schedule cards (with pictures) this is what you need. (Sample below). The PDF is over 40 pages, so you should be able to find any schedule cards that you need.


Stop by her store to check out some great, fairly priced units!


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  1. I was just over here checking out your blog when I noticed that you had your TpT store advertised on the left there – where people can have flick through what type of things you have in your store.

    How were you able to get that there? I would really love to be able to put one on my blog too.

    Any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated~!! Thank you.

    The Paper Maid

  2. Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by.

    You can find the code for your TpT widget through your “My Sales Dashboard”. Scroll down to “Marketing & Promotion” click on the link that says “Link to Your Store”. Then just click on “New Widget” and it will take you through the steps to add it to your blog.

    Let us know if you need any more help!

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