Tuesday Trends – Chicago Teacher Strike

By this point, you’ve heard about the Chicago teacher strike. On Monday morning, thousands of teachers left their classrooms behind and took to the streets. For the first time in 25 years, hundreds of thousands of students were left without their teachers.

All teachers believe in fair assessments, adequate pay, etc. It is unfortunate for the children in Chicago to be placed in the middle of the disagreements without doing anything wrong. The Chicago Teachers Union felt a formal strike was the only way to make any progress in the negotiations they have been trying to make for over a year.

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis attends a rally Tuesday afternoon in the Loop on the second day of the strike.
September 11th – 4 PM Update

In the latest press release from the Chicago Tribune, they stated that the strike will not end today. We hope for the sake of the students that things will be worked out quickly and classes will resume as soon as possible. While the Union has a right to strike, we need to get those kids back in school!

On a lighter note… Leah at Learning 4 Keeps is having a fun linky party.

Learning 4 Keeps
She asked everyone to share some of the great *laugh out loud* moments found through Pinterest. So here are a few of our favorites…

Tech teacher humor

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  1. LOL! I have to admit I suffer from book hangovers all the time! 🙂 Love the pics! Thanks for linking up!
    Leah @ Learning 4 Keeps
    Learning 4 Keeps

  2. I love the book one! It is so true, it's why I love book series because its hard to leave the “book world” of a really great book.

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